Let’s discover Japan traditional dish, SUKIYAKI!

Sukiyaki, thin slices of tender Wagyu beef simmered in a savory-and-sweet sauce with accompaniments such as vegetables and tofu, is one of the best-known Japanese dishes around the world! It’s a truly luxurious treat for special occasions. Now, Hige is launching Sukiyaki Feast which takes place only 2 days from 9th to 10th May 2023. Price at only HK$788 per person.

Getting start the Sukiyaki Feast, a whole Fresh Uni & Wagyu Beef Sashimi to refresh your taste buds. At the same time, our staff prepare the sukiyaki right before your eyes. The pot, which has been coated with beef tallow in advance, is warmed over medium heat before adding the warishita, a broth made of soy sauce, sake, sugar, and mirin. The warishita is gently poured in the middle of the pot, until it starts to simmer, it’s time to add the Wagyu beef, Hokkaido Pork or Kagoshima Satsuma Red Chicken Thigh.

Sukiyaki is a versatile dish that allows you to enjoy beef together with a wide variety of vegetables. Adding seasonal specialities to the accompaniments is another way to make your next sukiyaki even more wonderful. What are you waiting for? Act fast and call to reserve your table now 25033533 or whatsapp to https://wa.Me/85298899746.

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