HIGE Izakaya (ひげ / )

HIGE Izakaya (ひげ / 髭) – A casual place for after-work drinking in late-night izakaya style. Hidden on a quiet street – the Castle Road in Mid-level, Hong Kong. A few steps away from the Caine Road. Restaurant set up with cozy chilling décor in tatami style that you’d be likely to find in any local Japanese town. Specializing in kushiyaki (aka-meat skewer) bites and quality sakes as well as whiskey and fresh draught beer. With three types of seating to fit any mood; communal seating around the mini bar, three private alcove booths and one VIP room which best suits for hosting party or event, fit in any kinds of hangout.

Serious Good Food

Respecting the cultural heritage of Japan while recognizing the amazingly modern methods with which they have evolved the dining experience at every level has guided the development of our menu; we created the main & side dishes into these main categories combined by creativity and various Japanese cooking techniques:

Miscellaneous – Appetizer & Snacks

Varieties of Sakana & Yakimono –

 Grilled & Pan-fried Dishes: Kushiyaki (Skewers), Dumpling, Yakizakana (Flame-grilled fish) and more

Agemono – Deep-fried Dishes: Karaage, Korokke & Tempura

Nabemono – One Pot Cooking: Motsunabe, Shabu-Shabu & Sukiyaki

Nimono – Stewed Dishes: Oden & Nizakana

Fresh Sashimi

Drinks Make Your Dishes Sing

Alcoholic Beverages: Sake, Shochu (Home-made Plum / Pineapple Shochu), Awamori, Plum Wine, Draught Beer & Whiskey

Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Soft Drinks, Ramune & Juices

Besides the specialities of the grill and common izakaya food, mixing traditional with blazingly contemporary, the food, beverage and experience of HIGE is carefully designed to surpass and elevate any night out. We also specializes in Omakase, offering different tasting menu that will take you through your senses and enhancing your extraordinary tasting experience.

– Fresh Ingredients –

HIGE serves only the finest quality ingredients available. We source our product from the most reputable and highly respected suppliers and fishmonger. Globally whenever possible. Our fresh seafood flown in 1 / 2 times a week mainly from Japan, to assure freshness and quality.

Items are prepared to order and not all ingredients are listed, so please let us know about any allergies or other concerns when ordering.

We are open on all days of the week starting from 5pm to 11pm.